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Clarifications for the Pre-meet (Timed) Warm-ups (page 42 of the R&P)

The judges and coaches have differing opinion on what skills are allowed. We would like to be consistent with all meets.

Question: Are acrobatic elements allowed on the matted areas (ex: round off back handsprings, etc.)?
A 15-30 minute general/open warm-up time is required. The Uneven Bars are available to obtain settings only (Tap Swings). The apparatus is NOT available for warm-up during the general warm-up time. Marking mount distances or practicing run-up onto the board is allowed. The Floor Exercise mat and other matted and open areas may by used for loco motor warm-up activities, such as running, and for skill warm-up that can be performed in a confined space. Line drills on Floor involving simple elements are allowed; however, tumbling on the diagonal is not allowed.

Question: Are there loco motor warm-up activities are NOT allowed?
You are referring to the Open/general stretch (15-30 minutes. I find it strange that judges have differing opinions on this because they are not usually involved or even on the floor) during this timeframe. I can see if a coach has a problem with another coach “hogging” the mat, but this would be a situation handled by the Meet Director, not the judges. Usually during the stretch and timed warm-ups, the judges are either in a meeting or having breaks/meals, so they wouldn’t even be aware (or concerned) with this type of a problem.
Anyhow, Cheryl Hamilton, Tom Koll and I all agree that we cannot be any more specific than what’s in the R & P, because line drills for level 5 would be different than line drills for level 10’s.
The underlying principle would be that there are X number of athletes in the session that need to get their body temp up and prepare for warm-ups on their first event. Considering the number of athletes in that session, they (and their coaches) should be mindful that everyone has the right to some space on the FX area and that each team should be considerate of the others who are also trying to prepare. That means that anything that would endanger or infringe on another team’s space should be avoided. I guess it all boils down to RESPECTING one another.
As far as the loco motor activities go, these would be performed in a large circle around the periphery, leaving space in the middle of the floor area for others to continue stretching. We really don’t want to get into a specific type of loco motor activity-running, hopping, chassés-that type of team warm-up is certainly acceptable (as long as they are not “hogging” the floor so that nobody else has any space to stretch).

- Connie Maloney